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opera mini 5 beta 2

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Πριν από λίγο δοκίμασα τον Opera mini 5 beta 2 στο ταπεινό μου sony ericsson w660i. Για όσους δεν ξέρουν είναι ο πιο γρήγορος java browser και τρέχει σε όλα τα κινητά (όχι απαραίτητα smartphones), αρκεί αν υποστηρίζουν Java.

O Opera mini έχει γίνει ίδιος με τον Opera mobile, ο οποίος είναι native (wmobile ή symbian) app. Η δουλειά που έχουν κάνει σε java είναι φανταστική. Δεν καταλαβαίνεις διαφορά πλέον. Ξεχνιέσαι και νομίζεις πως είσαι σε pc. Το σημαντικότερο είναι ότι μπορεί να τρέξει σε πληθώρα κινητών (dumbphones). Είναι πιο γρήγορος από τον κανονικό Opera mobile, γιατί η σελίδα περνάει πρώτα από τους servers της Opera για να συμπιεστεί και μετά “κατεβαίνει” στο κινητό. Μπείτε από τον browser του κινητού σας στην διεύθυνση “” για να το κατεβάσετε δωρεάν.


Και τα χαρακτηριστικά του browser από το επίσημο site

Innovative and easy-to-use

Living up to our vision of providing the best Internet experience on any device, Opera Mini 5 boasts a powerful new user interface. Merging the best from our desktop browser together with new innovations for mobile phones, Opera Mini is advanced, yet highly intuitive to use.


Time is precious. Opera Mini compresses pages by up to 90% before being sent to your phone, meaning faster page-load times than in other mobile Web browsers.

Full Web in your palm

When visiting a Web page, Opera Mini displays the overview of the page and suggests where to begin your reading before you zoom in. Opera Mini also detects when you are on a Web page designed for a mobile phone and displays it optimally.

Page zoom

Control default text size on Web sites. Depending on your mobile phone screen size, often text can be too small or too large to be viewed easily. Control the default zoom level from 60% to 200% directly in Opera Mini 5.

Built for speed

The new Opera Mini lets you search for text within a Web page, so you can get to the information you need even more quickly than before.

Speed Dial (ένα από τα κορυφαία χαρακτηριστικά)

Get your favorite Web page with just one click. Speed Dial is a set of visual bookmarks you see when you open a new tab, like a dashboard for your online life. To add a new page, simply click an empty dial, and Opera will make suggestions based on your browsing history and bookmarks.

Mobile view

Fit content to your mobile phone. Mobile view intelligently reformats Web pages into a single column eliminating the need for horizontal panning. Changing to Mobile view is accessible though the Settings menu.

Password Manager (πολύ σημαντικό κατ εμέ)

There is no more hassle with those hard-to-enter usernames and passwords. Opera Mini 5 will remember your credentials, and you can log on to your favorite Web sites with just a single click. The passwords are stored on your phone for your convenience.

Tabbed browsing (απο τους πρώτους mobile browsers με tabs)

Browse several Web sites at the same time. Check your e-mail in one window, Facebook in another and, Twitter in a third, all while being able to jump easily from one tab to another. With a touchscreen phone, you can enjoy even easier tab switching with visual tabs. On keypad-style phones easily mange desktop-style tabs in the Opera Mini user interface, above the address bar.

Power scrolling

Scroll at warp speed using your phone keypad or by dragging the page on a phone with a touchscreen.

Touch and keypad

The user interface has been designed for both touchscreen- and keypad-style mobile phones. With a touchscreen, you can enjoy even easier navigation with our new zooming and kinetic scrolling.

Adaptive zoom (πολύ χρήσιμο)

On a touchscreen phone panning has become even easier with adaptive zoom. When panning quickly around a zoomed-in page the panning momentum creates a more intuitive and easier to-navigate experience.

Landscape mode (βοηθάει πολύ στην αίσθηση των σελίδων)

Browse in the way that is most comfortable to you. Landscape mode allows you to view Opera Mini 5 on your phone in landscape.

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